Naan is synonymous to the Indian sub-continent; it is consumed by almost all the south Asians at least once in a day. Naans are whole-wheat bread cooked in a pan or clay oven, there are hundreds of naan flavors you can try in Indian restaurants worldwide.

Naan doughs are made by mixing wheat flour with water and salt. The mixture is molded to smaller pieces to prepare bread. There are multiple types of traditional Naans in India, the most popular is clay oven naan. But let’s have a look at the others:

Chapati is cooked mostly at homes, the dough is made without yeast. They are small, thin, and rounded in shape.

Paratha is another popular naan variant, it’s cooked in a flat pan traditionally called “Tawa” and is eaten for breakfast. Vegetable oil or ghee is stuffed inside or outside or both when it’s cooked.

Other traditional naans are qeema and vegetable naans made of minced meat and vegetable stuffed inside of it respectively.

The Peshawari or Kabuli naans are sweet and delicious Afghani variants, they contain sugar, nuts, and raisins for sweetness and flavors.

The other naans are paneer naans having cheese stuffed inside and kulcha naans with onions and potatoes.

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